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There is a beautiful lake in Kata mutiara

Sun, May 20, 2012 at 6:05 AM By: gazamedi

There is a beautiful lake, the water is cool, clear and calm. Shiny surface, not only because the moon reflects the light, but the stone - marble stone in essence also emit light. Peace is always enveloped him. Kata kata mutiara, Unfortunately, the lake was not easy to reach. He is located in the middle of dense forest that bordered by brambles. Tall trees and wild animals off any steps to get there. Anyone who is able to meet and drink in its beauty, the king of the jungle was submissive and obedient to him.

The lake is your conscience, which always calls for inner peace. Regukan coolness of the water gives meaning to your life. While dense jungle full of wild animals is a manifestation of the mind, emotions, passions and sensory perception are always blocking your path. Without realizing he could injure yourself. However, if you have found a voice of conscience, then the strength and peace surround you. Find your property clear lake. That's the most precious gift that you have to cling to life.

Without realizing it many people living in the pressure. Not because the load is too heavy, or inadequate power. However, due to not come clean. Living in pretense do not provide comfort. Be what it is. If you're having trouble, do not reject the help. Forthright attitude paved the way for acceptance of others. Kata kata indahFriendship and cooperation requires one thing in common, namely familiarity among the people. Intimacy is created when a mutual acceptance of each other. While a sincere acceptance terujud only in honesty and candor.

Pretense like plastic roses with petals and the color is perfect, but no scent. Although not as beautiful as roses original copies and soon wither, we still love it. Why? rate because there is a natural life there. Living in honesty is the true nature of life. Pretend to live the same lie to life itself. You can choose to live as it is, and the right to set foot on this earth. Or, pretend to live in a world of illusion

Do not be fooled dengankeberhasilan someone. Behind the glory there is always a long road that contains a record of struggle and sacrifice, sweat and exhaustion. There's no shortcut to a success. infobagus Kata kata mutiara, If you are fascinated by the success siberikan convenience, you can forget of having to try. However, if you are amazed at the hardness of a person dala try, then you have to absorb the energy of strength, courage and patience.

Large tree able to withstand the storm karana have sturdy stems and roots. Required for a dozen years menunbuhkan and strength training. Month after month, rain strengthen the wood tissue. Year after year, other large trees to protect from rain. There was no count of the night to score a piece of a rigid rod. There was no count of day to grow sturdy roots that grip the earth. Only with patience you can achieve success. Patience rather than speed grew success. Mutiara kata

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